Setting a proper irrigation system

Irrigation is the main limiting factor in the cultivation of agricultural plants in Azerbaijan. Therefore, proper organization of irrigation, organization of irrigation technique, irrigation norms in accordance with the plants, taking into account the relief and climatic conditions of the area is one of the main conditions for high crop production.
Given that most of the country’s water resources are formed abroad, in this regard, the protection of water resources, which are considered to be the most valuable wealth of our time, its economical and efficient use must be a priority for every farm. In particular, it is required to refrain from the methods of surface irrigation (leakage, zolay, planting, etc.) and switch to the use of more advanced irrigation systems (sprinkling, drip, underground irrigation).

We can save 30-40% with pivot irrigation and 50% with drip irrigation. Due to this savings, we can involve other fields in the crop circulation.
The efficiency of irrigation also depends on the proper preparation of the soil, regular monitoring of moisture reserves and the correct choice of appropriate irrigation norms.