Use of mustard plant as a Green manure

Green manures are considered the best tool to increase soil fertility. The green mass of green manures enriches the soil with organic matter and nitrogen. Although green fertilizers have been used in agriculture for a long time, this practice is new in Azerbaijan.

For the first time, Azersheker LLC used mustard plant as green manure in order to increase soil fertility in its fields.

Leaving the soil fallow after harvest exposes it to wind and water erosion. Therefore, green manures not only enrich the soil with organic substances, but also have a soil protective function. At the same time, the substances secreted by mustard through its roots destroy soil nematodes, the process of biofumigation takes place. This process is particularly effective in beet rotation crops.

Planting of green manures in our fields was carried out in September after harvesting the autumn fruits. As a green fertilizer, it is supposed to be applied to the soil in the fall, before the frosts and before the plants are seeded.

It should be noted that the depth of planting green manures should be 12-15 cm in light soil, and 6-8 cm in heavy soil.

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