The foundation of our barley processing enterprise was laid in Imishli

A new enterprise is being created to create a value chain in beer production in our country.

The development and industrialization of the non-oil economy is one of the main directions of the economy diversification policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev. From this point of view, along with other areas of the economy, special importance is given to the development of industry, systematic measures are implemented in the direction of attracting existing natural and economic resources to production, and wider application of advanced technologies.

In order to create a value chain in beer production in Azerbaijan, the foundation of a new enterprise - a brewing barley processing plant - was laid on August 8 in Imishli. The enterprise that will be built on the territory of the Imishli Sugar Factory belonging to "Azersun Holding" will be implemented with the joint investment of "Azersheker" LLC, "Azersun Agricultural Products" LLC and "Azerbaijan Investment Company". The plant, which will initially process 11,000 tons of beer barley (malt) per year, and 17,000 tons at the later stage, will fully meet the raw material needs of the largest beer producer in Azerbaijan, the "Carlsberg Azerbaijan" brewery, as well as the producers operating in our country. 50 people will be provided with permanent jobs in the enterprise, the investment of which will be 25 million manats. With the start of operation of the plant, imports of this product will be prevented and more than 10 million dollars will remain in our country. More than 510 tons of feed additives will be available at the plant. Within the framework of the project, a silo complex with a capacity of more than 20,000 tons will be built to store the plant's raw materials, and "Azersheker" LLC will also plant barley, sugar beet, and food wheat on an area of ​​8,000 ha in the territory of Agjabedi, Imishli, and Fuzuli regions.

Deputy Minister of Economy Samad Bashirli and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sarvan Jafarli spoke about the contribution of the enterprise to the country's economy at the event held in connection with the laying of the foundation.

Anar Mehdiyev, chairman of the board of directors of "Azersheker" LLC: "The plant under construction is the first plant with the same purpose in the South Caucasus region. The applied technology belongs to the Swiss company Buhler and is the latest technology of the company in this field. We thank all our partner companies for their cooperation. We are sure that this project will support the development of the non-oil sector. We thank our state for the fertile conditions created for investments. As Azersheker, we will continue investing in new projects that create added value and have export potential."

Mohamed Gozal, General Director of Agriculture and Processing Enterprises of "Azersun Agricultural Products" LLC: "The development of the raw material base of the final products of the local processing industry in Azerbaijan is a matter of great importance. From this point of view, Azersun Holding has based this idea when producing sugar, feed products, milk processing industry products, and most importantly, canned fruit and vegetable products. The production of these listed products is done at the expense of processing industry based on local raw materials. A particularly important point is the establishment of long-term cooperative relations with both the company and local small farmers during the production of raw materials of agricultural origin for all these products."

We believe that this barley processing enterprise will be an example of steps taken in the direction of reducing the country's dependence on imports in terms of raw materials. In the future, we will continue our extensive participation in the expansion of the production activity of this enterprise as well as in such projects.

Alius Antulis, CEO of "Carlsberg Azerbaijan" company: "I think that today is a very important day for the development of the beer industry in the country. The construction of a barley processing plant is a very big step in the localization of raw materials used in beer production. As Carlsberg Azerbaijan, our long-term strategy is to use completely local raw materials in the production of beer, and we are successfully moving forward on this path with our local partners. I am especially grateful to the State for the support provided to the localization projects". Since 2019, "Azersheker" LLC has been cultivating brewing barley in local conditions together with "Carlsberg Azerbaijan" company. For this, it cooperates with "Azersheker" and SECOBRA Recherches, one of Europe's leading companies in the production of brewing barley seeds. The production of brewing barley seed was organized with the help of the AgroLab agricultural laboratory under the company. At present, brewing barley is grown in "Azersheker" farms located in Shamkir, Yevlakh and Agjabedi regions. As a result of all these measures, raw barley for beer production has not been imported to our country for 3 years. Local production of raw malting barley has created export opportunities. So, it is planned to export this product for the needs of Carlsberg's factories located in Kazakhstan and Russia.

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