Application of feeding fertilizer in autumn cereals

The application of mineral fertilizers is one of the most important agrotechnical measures for the cultivation of winter grains in our farms and for obtaining a high-quality product from them. The fertilization system in the fields should be applied depending on the predecessors and nutrients in the soil, and the nitrogen requirement should be met throughout the growing season.

The process of feeding winter grains with nitrogen fertilizer is already underway in our farms. Quality and timely fertilization is very important.

Proper application of mineral fertilizers to cultivated fields creates conditions for normal growth and development of plants, increases their resistance to disease, frost and drought. The delay in fertilizing weakens the development of plants in those areas, even if nitrogen fertilizer is subsequently applied in accordance with the norm, it does not ensure the strong and gradual development of these plants and has a negative effect on their productivity indicators in the future.

Starting from the first decade of February, urea fertilizer is applied as the first feeding.

Our employees carry out inspections to achieve quality and equal distribution of fertilizers in the field, and if required, make certain adjustments. 

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