A memorandum was signed between "Azersheker" LLC and "MKT Production Commercial" LLC

A memorandum was signed between "MKT Production Commercial" LLC and "Azersheker" LLC in the direction of applying modern approaches to cotton cultivation and increasing the quality and productivity of cultivated areas.

Initially, in the new project, which will cover 267 farmers in 15 districts operated by MKT PC LLC, all stages from seed sowing to harvesting will be carried out with modern farming approaches under the supervision of the Agrolab agricultural laboratory within the Azersheker company.

According to the cooperation, trainings for farmers will be organized by Agrolab, complex laboratory analyzes will be carried out in the cotton cultivation process and recommendations will be made for the implementation of proper agrotechnical care.

In addition, let's note that "MKT Production Commercial" LLC has more than 25 years of work experience in the non-oil sector of the Azerbaijani economy. The main direction of the company's activity consists of growing cotton in 15 of the country's 20 cotton-growing regions, supplying it, and then processing it in cotton ginning facilities.

"Agrolab" agricultural laboratory was established in Yevlakh region in 2017 as part of "Azersheker" company with the support and accompaniment of "Agro Analysis" network of agricultural laboratories known in the CIS region. "Agrolab" agricultural laboratory is at your service for the creation and development of modern agricultural farms with correct and new approaches.

In our laboratory, agrochemical, microbiological and phytopathological analyzes of soil, seeds, plants and water are carried out with the latest technologies. The performed analyzes and the organization of daily work are regularly monitored by specialists of the network of "Agro Analysis" agricultural laboratories.

Correct processing of analysis results and high-quality analysis by our experts allows you to to get information about the operative and correct solutions to quickly identify and eliminate the problems in the soil, irrigation water and cultivated plants of the areas where you are engaged in agricultural or horticultural activities.

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