Media representatives visited our farm located in Shamkir region

With the organization of the Agency for Development of Economic Zones (ADEZ) of the Ministry of Economy, a mediation was organized for the agricultural parks located in Shamkir region.

First, members of the media got acquainted with the work done in the agropark of "Azersheker" LLC, located in Jeyranchol.

It was reported that modern irrigation (pivot) systems were installed on 1500 hectares of the total arable land of the agropark of 4000 hectares. Grain, sugar beet, grain corn and soybeans were planted in the area. The investment cost is 13.4 mln. 71 permanent and 30 seasonal people were provided with jobs in the agricultural park. Grain harvesting is currently continuous in the agropark.

Azersheker LLC - founded in 2017, is engaged in the production of various types of agricultural products by investing in farmland in different regions of the country. In the current planting season, grain, sugar beet, soybean and corn are cultivated on 4,000 hectares of land, and a total of 4,751 hectares, in Shamkir and Yevlakh regions. By the end of 2022, about 65 million manats will be invested to equip a total of 4654 hectares of land with modern irrigation and other modern infrastructure systems in Shamkir, Yevlakh, Aghjabedi, Fuzuli, Aghdam regions. Currently, 280 people work in the company, more than 23 million manats have been invested in agricultural works. "Agrolab" modern agricultural laboratory has been operating at the company since 2019.

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