Azersheker made the first graders happy

On the occasion of Knowledge Day, Azersheker company presented bags and school supplies to students who will go to the 1st grade this year in rural schools located in the areas close to the farms where we operate within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

At the meeting, the school administration expressed its gratitude to "Azersheker" company for providing all necessary supplies to schoolchildren. The employees of Azersheker, in turn, congratulated the children on the occasion of the new academic year and wished them success.

Our company, which attaches special importance to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, has dedicated a special place in its CSR program to improving social welfare in the regions, supporting environmental protection, and plans to carry out such measures continuously in the coming years.

For information, Azersheker LLC, founded in 2017, started producing various types of agricultural products by investing in farmland in different regions of our country.

Currently, the company continues its activities in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture and agricultural laboratory using the latest technologies. It plays an important role in ensuring the food security of our country with its agricultural activities located in Shamkir, Yevlakh, Aghjabedi, Fuzuli, Aghdam regions.

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